Gigi Scaria Reveals Luxury Car as Latest Art Work

For Gigi Scaria, the planet is his canvas. The distinguished artist from New Delhi, has made a luxury automobile his most recent canvas.

Gigi Scaria frequently comes to Chandigarh. It reminds him of Canberra, which additionally has Le Corbusier influence. Nevertheless, Chandigarh has managed to make its very own Indian personality with vibrant streets, and hidden treasures around every corner. Scaria the distinguished artist, from New Delhi, whose final picture differs in the experimental mediums he’s popularly connected with — Included in this inaugural art festival in VR Punjab Theatre, Kharar (previously NCM), while many may want to sort leather car seat installation, the VR Art Car Endeavor includes a Mercedes Benz painted by Gigi Scaria.


This is the very first time he has painted on a vehicle, it has been equally interesting and hard for the artist. In a sense, he was hoping to express his artwork sensibilities onto a motor vehicle. His functions, related to design, urbanization and cityscapes, also make their way on the bonnet along with the entire body while he simultaneously accentuates features of the webasto sunroof and other subtle nuances. The philosophy behind the work is that each and every automobile is an extension of your house while you’re on the street. He states that he did not need to dash all around the vehicle, since you need to respect the canvas.

Big cities reinterpreted

His artwork often focuses on the problems which large cities and rapid urbanization frequently thrown at human presence. Whether it be reinterpreted cityscapes or connection between people and spaces. “These topics and sensibilities evolved over a time period.” As a small-town boy, who afterwards moved to Delhi, there’s a whole lot that enters the mind; it’s a job to express nearly all of what he’d experienced; There is a specific understanding you have of this major city and a great deal of matters enter the principles of his mind. It’s similar to exploring the town as an outsider and emphasizing people and spaces.

Wood, paint…

Highly experimental and related to working on several projects, like installations, display prints, figurines and, clearly, the paintings, he enjoys whatever medium he’s working with at the instant. It is dependent on the sort of work he’s doing and which medium will do justice for it.

An artist around the planet

Last year his solo exhibition, Time, that was showcased at Missouri’s Laumeier Sculpture Park, researched the problems of time in regard to mega-cities and their creation.

His last solo exhibition titled All About That Negative, was showcased In Aicon Gallery, New York. The exhibition dealt with the annoyance of migrants throughout his trademark urban topographies and contemporary cityscapes.

Happily, only a part of those people overseas still correlates Indian artwork with all the mini and other stereotypical functions. They’re aware and accepting of contemporary art in India which has done much for the scene on both a local and global scale; especially in western nations.

In Terms of the future, he states a key issue is, “when people pass-out, there are no places to showcase their works. We need to have more infrastructure in the form of galleries; young investors and curators.”