The Art and Science of Wine making

Matthieu Finot knows a lot about wine. He sees it as a combination of science and art. From enjoying the weather condition and checking the soil, to evaluating grapes for sugar levels and acidity and after that choosing when to harvest, Finot says nature and winemaker need to interact.

“So what I do is I alter grapes into wine. So, that’s the simple part of it. However my job is a mix of farming, of science and arts since we need Mother Nature to ripen the grapes and to make grapes great to make good wine. So, that’s the natural part.

” I need science to comprehend all the fermentation part and the aging part and whatever that happens to the wine, and I require the creative part that is exactly what makes each wine maker unique and exactly what makes brings the human elements into producing wine. Which is the reason that wine is being thought about, very frequently, as, you know, is a type of art. And there’s a sense of creative sensation to wine making that I actually value.”

Finot comes from a household of viticulturists and wine fans. It was a natural for him to follow that path. He started his study early on his grandparents’ farm.

“I was extremely happy with my roots of being a farmer and that’s exactly what I wanted to be. So, originating from northern Rhône location in France in Crozes-Hermitage, and the household farm was apricots, cherries, pear and vines. That’s my roots. I imply we had like goats; we had a great deal of things like that in my grandmother’s home. But like, you understand, when I can be found in a bit later on in age, when after high school when I had to decide what I wished to provide for a living, I was passionate about wine which’s my father’s side, too. My daddy likes wine, when I was a kid my dad make me try excellent wine and I truly enjoyed that.”

Finot knew studying wine making would be an excellent link between his love of wine, his love of dirt and his roots in farming.

“So, I have actually research study viticulture and oenology and I went to Beaune in Burgundy to study that. It’s a school in Beaune that give you training and practice about the best ways to take care of a vineyard in the yarra valley and the best ways to make wine out of it.”

After finishing in 1995, Finot operated in several wine areas around France to find out all he might about wine.

“I have actually travelled a lot in France to go enter lots of different wine areas. So, I have actually remained in the Burgundy area, I’ve been in the Rhône location, been in Jura, I have actually been in Provence. I have actually remained in Bordeaux area. So, I have actually been taking a trip a lot in France to find out different methods of wine making. And, for me, taking a trip was a part of knowing, not just learning about winemaking, but you likewise discover a lot about yourself and that’s the best part of taking a trip. And you learn that not everyone believes the way you do and you learn to listen to individuals, and it’s not all about you. Which’s a very good thing that I’ve discovered?”

Matthieu Finot has actually also worked in Italy and South Africa to discover winemaking and to acquire worldwide experience. In 2003, he pertained to the United States and he settled in Virginia.

“I wished to go to New Zealand. But before going to New Zealand, I wished to pertain to the United States. And, that remained in 2003. I was preparing to stay here for six months and then go to the southern hemisphere and go to New Zealand. It took place that I’m still here 13 years after. So, I guess I’ve been stuck here for some reason. When I initially arrived here, I didn’t know where Virginia was on the map, to be truthful. I’d never been to United States prior to. That was my very first time here. I needed to look where Charlottesville was on the map, too. I really had no expectation. It turned out to be that I love it here and it’s an excellent place to live.”

Matthieu operates at King Family Vineyards. He states wine making is brand-new to the state of Virginia.

“So here in Virginia and at King Family Vineyards, Virginia is a relatively new wine region. So, we are still working a lot about experimenting, to aim to see exactly what fits the best (in) our environment. We are a hot and damp environment. And so it’s not the most ideal weather condition to ripen grapes. Grapes like usually drier, dry weather condition so we are still explore exactly what does well for us here. However at King Household Vineyards and in main Virginia we simulate to work with white wine, we simulate to deal with viognier. We simulate to deal with chardonnay. I think that works extremely well for us here. And when it pertains to red, most of the grapes that grows in Bordeaux, grow extremely well here also. So, that’s exactly what we do at King Family vineyards.”

Matthieu Finot states one does not need to understand a lot about wine to understand or enjoy it.

“If you go to an art program, you don’t need to have a lot of understanding to say if you like this painting or if you like this one. And you may have one that you’re not going to like at all because, like all, I discovered that completely unsightly. However, at the same time, some individuals would say like, ‘oh no that’s wonderful. That’s a great piece of art.’ With wine, it is the same. It’s not due to the fact that your next-door neighbour is going to like this particular wine that you need to like it. I think individuals believe they have to find out a lot about the wine to see if they like it or not. What truly matters, on a tasting, is exactly what do you like.”

Making wine is a procedure. Finot says the procedure for making red and gewurztraminer is different for each one.

“There are fundamental rules. I say that on a white wine, the fundamental guideline is you’re going to press the grapes, get some juice, and then ferment the juice in liquid type. And, that you’re going to change grape juice into wine white.

“The reds you wish to get some tannin and the colour. And tannin and colour remain in the skin, not in the pulp, in the skin. So, you need the skin. So, exactly what we do for the reds, we ferment the red with the entire berries. So, this fermentation procedure takes two or three weeks, and in some cases even more, to obtain the colour and the tannins out of the berries. So, it’s two various process(es).

“If you ask me what tannin indicates, tannin is what benefits your heart, and that’s the reason why individuals stating, like, drinking wine is healthy; that’s generally the tannins that are really strong anti-oxidants And exactly what tannin is, if you don’t drink wine, if you do not consume wine I hope you consume tea, and if you drink tea and if you let your tea being instilled for too long, the drying feeling that you have actually got out of the tea leaves are tannins.”

Matthieu Finot states there is something crucial for all drinkers to remember about yarra valley wine: it is suggested to be taken pleasure in.

” Wine is simply a method to enjoy. If you lose this idea of having a good time while you’re consuming wine, then exactly what’s the purpose of wine? I suggest if it’s not your task, like mine.

“( The) function of wine is just to make you pleased. So, at the end it’s not something severe. I mean we can take it seriously, and I make a living out of it. So, in some way, it’s severe for me, however wine it’s not something major. It’s just a method to delight in life. And I believe people need to just consume exactly what they like. At the end of the day you ought to more than happy with having a glass of wine. If you force yourself to drink a glass of wine and you don’t like it, don’t drink it. Drink something else.”

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