HGTV Free Gift of Dream House on St. Simons Island Opens Dec. 28

It took five months to remodel a “Miami Vice” modern home design on the island into an HGTV Dream House. Then Hurricane Matthew threatened to undo all the work– and possibly worse– in a single day. The cyclone stayed offshore, nevertheless, and come Wednesday people can begin entering a sweepstakes to win your house with its backyard overlooking a lake.

“It was really standard,” job supervisor Scott Branscom said of your home. “A little crown mold occasionally.” He explained the yellow stucco house in the Sea Palms neighborhood on St. Simons Island as a Miami Vice” appearance, but no more. Designer Michael Stauffer brought a more Georgia seaside design with shake siding and a metal roofing.

Anybody who watches all the restoration reveals on HGTV learns about the open idea, which is exactly what the group did. A 3-foot opening that offered a peep into the cooking area is now completely open, other walls have come down and the ceilings were raised. The exterior also felt closed in, he said.

“The landscape was stunning however overgrown. There was too much,” Branscom said. “You couldn’t see the house. We kept the native plants.” But not all the landscaping made it through Matthew’s winds. Branscom said he worried just like island homeowners did to see what had become of their homes after Matthew passed. There were a lot of flowering plants before the storm, however those were either erased by the wind in the cleanup of all the debris. “It took 3 days to find out it was OK,” he stated.

The major concern was from the storm surge that, had actually the projection held, would have put water inside your home. That rise would have likely originated from two instructions, from Blackbanks Creek a row of homes to the east and from the lake behind your house. “The lake showed up,” Branscom said. “We had a dock in the backyard and a little rowboat connected.”

It turns out, interior home designer Brian Patrick Flynn had little to worry about as whatever inside the walls was unblemished. “I’d heard individuals yap about the Cloister,” Flynn said of Sea Island’s special resort.

He found out that Sea Island style relied on neutrality in colors with timeless architecture. He followed that landscape designs with some vibrant touches. “I thought it was going to be extremely small, very remote,” Flynn said of St. Simons, however he learned it’s simply off Interstate 95, near airports and very available. “I instantly comprehended why people get second homes here. You get that easy-going seaside feeling without being far. It’s more habitable than I thought of,” he said.

Branscom said, “It’s been fantastic being here for a year. It wasn’t very tough to come to work.” Allen Construction of Jesup carried out Stauffer’s style on the original building footprint except for the decks. And there is a lot of chance for outdoor living with a large area with pavers. There’s a swimming pool, a large dining and cookout area and a fire ring along with a sitting location shaded by live oaks that neglects the lake. Whether it was by design or not, the pecky cypress in some interior appears to offer an outside connection.